2021 National Japan Bowl 

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Kanji-kun LINE Stamps 

All proceeds from the original Kanji-kun LINE stamps will go to financing the National Japan Bowl! Download them here.

Other Resources

Nipponia Magazine
News on Japan 

Reference books:

  • Kodansha’s Japan at a Glance: 日本まるごと事典
  • The JTB series The Illustrated Guide to Japan and Japan in Your Pocket (available through
  • Are Japanese Cats Left-Handed? and Who Invented Natto? , written by Yoko Toyozaki, Stuart Varnam-Atkin, and Sawada Gumi (IBC Publishing)
  • Shikitari: Unfolding Japanese Tradition, available through
  • Annual Events in Japan (2 volumes), by Noriko Takano and translated by Reiko Matano and Margaret Breer (Ehon House Publishing)
  • Fodor’s Japan: Full Color Travel Guide (2016)

“Why Study Japanese?” Presentation

This PowerPoint is from a presentation made to high school Japanese language teachers at the 2014 National Japan Bowl by Amb. John R. Malott, the President of the Japan-America Society of Washington DC. It is aimed at parents, school administrators and others who question the importance of learning Japanese today.This presentation may be used freely to promote and advocate Japanese language study, but please give proper credit to the Japan-America Society of Washington DC.

Why Study Japanese? (.pdf)