About the National Japan Bowl®


The National Japan Bowl is America’s premier Japanese-language competition, created by Japan-America Society of Washington DC in 1992.

Each spring the Japan-America Society of Washington DC welcomes 200 of the country’s top high school Japanese language students to the nation’s capital for the competition. The National Japan Bowl is a high-level, high-intensity competition that tests students’ knowledge of Japanese language and of the culture, history, and social context that bring the language to life.

The National Japan Bowl’s top winners travel to Japan for a week of cultural experiences with host families and Japanese students, and an audience with dignitaries including Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, the National Japan Bowl’s honorary patron.

The Japan-America Society of Washington DC has supported the creation of twenty regional Japan Bowl® competitions across America and around the world, giving the program a global impact.

The National Japan Bowl has enjoyed support and encouragement over the years from the United States-Japan Foundation; the Embassy of Japan; the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; the Japan Foundation; and the American Association of Teachers of Japanese.

In 2007 Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado kindly became the Honorary Patron of the Japan Bowl, and she meets each year with the National Championship Team during their trip to Japan.

Why is the National Japan Bowl® important?

The US-Japan relationship is enormously important on both sides of the Pacific, but it depends on the continued involvement and expertise of each coming generation. The National Japan Bowl, America’s only nationwide Japanese-language competition, is a vital tool for inspiring students and reinforcing the efforts and investments of their teachers and school districts.

Among the National Japan Bowl alumni are tomorrow’s leaders of our diplomatic, commercial, security, and cultural relations with Japan. Many credit the Japan Bowl as an important motivator in their endeavors.

How can I support the National Japan Bowl®?

The Japan-America Society of Washington DC depends on philanthropic grants and corporate donations to make The National Japan Bowl possible each year. Please contact us directly for details.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (202) 833 2210