Alumni Resources

National Japan Bowl Alumni Association

Former Competitors can join the National Japan Bowl Alumni Association, group of former Japan Bowl participants interested in supporting the competition and providing a network for the competition’s budding leaders.

Alumni Question Submission

This year, the National Japan Bowl Question Writing Council cordially invites National Japan Bowl alumni of all ages to submit their very own questions to the National Japan Bowl. The Council will select questions from among your submissions to appear in the preliminary and Championship Rounds of the 2024 National Japan Bowl.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You must be a former competitor of the National Japan Bowl or be 18 years or older with no experience of competing in the Japan Bowl. Submissions from current or prospective competitors will not be accepted.
  2. Group submissions of questions are not allowed. If you and former teammates want to brainstorm together, you can, but you should submit sets as individuals.
  3. By submitting questions, you acknowledge that your questions become the property of the Japan-America Society of Washington DC, and you agree to keep your questions confidential. You may not share your questions with any students intending to compete in the competition

Any question writer found in violation of these rules may have their questions removed from the competition and their former high school disqualified.