Competition Structure

Preliminary Rounds:

• Will consist of 90 questions, divided into two rounds

• Will take place on Hopin

• Each team will be placed into a breakout session with a monitor and their teammates where they can freely discuss their answers

• Students will hear questions read by native Japanese and English speakers and shown a PowerPoint, just like the live competition

• The team captain will input their team’s answers into the Google Form provided and submit it

The preliminary rounds will take place consecutively, and not at the same time. While students are waiting for their preliminary round to take place, the main room will feature university presentations, culture workshops, raffle quizzes, and opportunities for students to meet each other from across the country! A more detailed schedule of events is forthcoming.

Championship Rounds:

• Will consist of individual questions and toss-up questions. There will be no team questions.

Individual Questions

o Each student will be given an expression from the “Expressive Japanese” lists in the Study Guide and asked to make sentence to demonstrate their understanding of its meaning

o A panel of native Japanese speakers will determine whether the student has clearly and accurately communicated their sentence in Japanese.

o Each question is worth 5 points.

Toss-up Question

o Will consist of 20 questions, plus two bonus questions

o Each question is worth 5 points

o Students will buzz-in using on their cellphone

o Any student can buzz in to answer a question. The proctor will call on the first student to ring in and ask them to answer the question. Answers given prior to being called on will not be accepted.

o If they are incorrect, the proctor will call on the next student to ring in.

o If the student buzzes in before the proctor finishes reading the question, the proctor will stop reading. If the student who rang in early is incorrect, their team will be penalized 5 points.

• If there is a tie, the two teams will be asked a series of toss-up questions, and the first team to answer two questions correctly wins.