31st National Japan Bowl

Register for the 31st National Japan Bowl

Registration for teachers, competitors, and observers is now open for the 31st National Japan Bowl! The deadline to register for all registration types is Friday, December 23, 2022. Scroll down to learn more about registration.

Registration Types

There are three types of Japan Bowl Registration: Chaperone, Competitor, and Observer. A completed registration for a competing school includes at least 1 chaperone registration, 1 completed competitor registrations for each competing student, and completed registrations for any observers intending to accompany the team. Please direct any questions about registration types or requirements to us at japanbowl@jaswdc.org.

Japanese Teachers and Chaperones

Early Bird Registration Deadline: November 22, 2022 (use code JBEB2023 at checkout)

Regular Deadline: December 23, 2022

Click on the Chaperone registration to register as a Lead Chaperone. This registration type is intended for use by Japanese Teachers or school administrators who will also provide information about competing teams.

This form can be used to register all chaperones who will attend with a school. This registration must be submitted in its entirety before November 22, 2022 using the Coupon code above in order for Early Bird Registration to be honored.

Not the Japanese teacher or lead chaperone but still need to register? Once your Lead Chaperone registers, you will receive a link by email to register using the Additional Chaperone Registration.

Student Competitors

Regular Deadline: December 23, 2022

Students who will compete in the competition should use this registration type to submit personal eligibility information and forms. Students must submit this information on their own and it should not be submitted by a teacher or chaperone on their behalf.

Teamss whose students do not submit a complete application before the deadline may not be eligible to compete so be sure to remind your teammates to register by the deadline.

Adult and Student Observers

Regular Deadline: December 23, 2022

Students and Adults age 13+ who are interested in attending the competition as observer should register using the Observer Registration. Adult and Student Observers are welcome to view the preliminary and championship rounds of the competition and stay overnight at the competition venue. Student observers may also participate in other student activities like panels and workshops provided space is available.

Any Student Observers not accompanying a competing school must be accompanied by a Chaperone who should register as a lead chaperone bringing only Student Observers.

Supplemental Documents

Links to all supplemental documents are available in the registration forms but please use these forms as a back up or in the case that you have difficulty downloading them through the registration forms.

Chaperone Agreement Form

Participant Agreement

Parent/Guardian Consent Form

National Japan Bowl Code of Conduct

National Japan Bowl Honesty Pledge

Japan Bowl Fee Schedule
Fee Type Fee
Chaperone Registration75.00
Student Competitor Registration75.00
Team Registration75.00
Student/Adult Observer Registration75.00
Double/Single Hotel Room125.00
Please note that, due to inflation, the cost of Japan Bowl Registration and lodging at the competition has risen slightly. Lodging costs at the competition may be reduced by sharing rooms with students and chaperones from other schools. If you are interested in reducing the fees for lodging by sharing hotel rooms with other schools, please indicate that in your registration.

National Japan Bowl 2023 Study Guide

The National Japan Bowl team study guide is now available to download below. To access the guide we ask that participants and organizers complete a quick survey. Upon completing the survey, the study guide will be emailed to you.

The National Japan Bowl Team Study Guide is compiled each year by the National Japan Bowl Council in coordination with the Japan-America Society of Washington DC.